Travel Guide | Kochi (Kerala, India)

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a city in Kerala state of South India. The city is popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea as it has one of the finest natural harbours in the World.

How to get there?

There are frequent flights between any capital city and Kochi. There are also trains and buses that run between the cities.

The most economical way to get to Fort Kochi from the airport is through a bus. There are frequent buses between the airport and the city. The bus fare is only INR 88 one way (this is without any luggage). Yes, it does take a bit longer but it’s way cheaper than either Uber or Ola taxis.

Local transportation in Kochi

There are auto rickshaws, cabs and cycle rickshaws. So, depending on the distance one can choose the mode of local transport. Tip: Ensure to haggle on whatever the money is quoted.

Things to do in Kochi

Fort Kochi is really cool. Very chilled out and a great place to hang out.


Watch the Chinese fishing nets in action. This is really awesome. If you are lucky, you may get to see some dolphins 😍.


Walk through the fish market along the beaches. It is smelly no doubt but you can see different kinds of fishes being caught by the locals.


Make new local friends, even though they are not interested in you.


Get a picture with the two steam boilers, a historic landmarks on the walkway.


Experience the cafe culture here, especially Kashi Art Cafe. This cafe was recommended by many people.

Stroll through the streets to see the beautiful graffitis.


Must see is the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica.

The Dutch Palace museum is a must to get some insight into the history. The entrance fee to see the museum is INR 5. And the paintings of Ramayana in the museum are from the 17th century.

I really did not know that Kochi is famous for its spices. I was in awe when I visited the warehouse. And this is a great place to buy spices at cheaper prices.

There are so many churches and so I visited one more which is the Orthodox Church.


Lastly, but definitely not the least, the banana chips. No one can leave Kerala without the hot banana chips.


To the above list, I would add watching a Kathakali performance, even though I did not have enough time to watch a show. The Kathakali performance can be booking using the Kathakali Centre.




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