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4 line Ziplining!

Queenstown is the place to be if you love adventures and if you are an adventure junkie. Ranging from Bungee jumping to Skydiving to Jetboating, Queenstown has it all. This is definitely my favourite place in New Zealand. The vibe and the air of this place is itself amazing.

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Since I have bungee jumped in Queenstown and have skydived twice in other places in the past, this time I chose to do the zip line. It is a super fun way to spend few hours in Queenstown.

I booked the tour through:

  • Ziptrek Eco Adventures:
    • Cost: AUD 89.83 (USD 67.99) + NZD 44 or AUD 40.73 (USD 30.82).
    • Booked on Viator.

The Ziplining tour does not include the Gandola ride, which you need to get up to the mountain. The check in point for the Zipline is on the mountain near the Skyline. For Gandola ride booking:

  • Queenstown Gandola:
    • Cost: NZD 39 or AUD 36.11 (USD 27.31).
    • Booked at the bottom of Gandola.
4 line Ziplining!

Note: You can hike up the mountain if you wish, it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to hike up and it is pretty steep.

4 line Ziplining!

The zip line tour which I booked was a 4 line zip tour, and each line gets longer than the previous one. The last zip line is the longest and has the best view of Lake Wakatipu.

4 line Ziplining!
4 line Ziplining!
4 line Ziplining!

We were in a group of three and we were taken care of so well by our guides Nara and Declan. They ensured our harness were safe and most importantly we were comfortable every time we ziplined. It was definitely memorable. I would totally recommend them.

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