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A collective strength – Women of my family!

I am strong believer that women of a family are the foundation and they are the strongest pillars. They might be working women or housewives, mothers or daughters. If the foundation is strong and independent, there is nothing that can stop the family from flourishing.

Earlier this year, I was hit by this reality that I was praising and appreciating all the women in the world who were strong and independent and admiring their achievements, where as these kind of women have always been a part of my life – the pillars of my family.

So I decided to acknowledge these beautiful souls. Their contributions might have been limited to their families but they are big contributions and they made a difference.

The first day whom I acknowledged was my aunt (Hema Atte). She has always lived in a village and she single handedly manages the entire village with all the farms. She grows crops and takes care of the cattle. I have seen her all along and she is one heck of a strong woman. She is an inspiration.

A collective strength - Women of my family!

The second lady is one who cares for all. She is loved and respected by everyone in the family. She is a lady who stands strong in spite of all the knock downs given by life. It is the hardest life to live and nobody can live it to the grace she lives with. She still shows life that you can smile even in the difficult times. She has helped and she has stood by all in need and she is my aunt (Atteamma). I am proud of her and I love her.

A collective strength - Women of my family!

The third lady is my personal strength. There is no way my father and I would have done so much in life without this strength standing behind us at all times. She has managed life, faced difficult times, she has sacrificed and she has been strong. She is my mother and she is the best.

A collective strength - Women of my family!

The fourth lady is my aunt (Lachu Aunty). She was a person who knew how to smile and laugh in any situation. An inspiration to all around her. She was funny and witty. She showed everyone that you can be funny and you and be strong at the same time. And she was an amazing lady. We all miss her.

A collective strength - Women of my family!

The last but definitely not the least is my cousin (Pamakka). She is a person who has solutions for all. And she is a great supervisor and mind you she has no degree in project management. You tell her anything and she gets the work done. I have never seen her weak. She is a warrior. She manages multiple families without a sweat.

A collective strength - Women of my family!

It’s important to let people know you appreciate and it is especially important to cherish them once a while. I wish I had a little bit of quality like these amazing ladies.

Not only these women, I am sure there are many more who are as amazing as these ones. So, let’s all pause a moment and wish these strong souls a very happy International Women’s Day!

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