A weekend in Tassie (Apple Isle)

Back in November 2015, I had booked a weekend trip to Launceston in Tassie (Tasmania). But unfortunately, I had to be admitted in a hospital for a toothache (Yes, you heard it right – for just a toothache), coz of which I had to cancel my Launceston trip. It was time to book again 😛 (I am one stubborn traveller, ain’t I?), I booked the flights to Launceston for the Australia Day weekend in January 2016. 

I had some tentative plan in my mind – I wanted to cover off the lavender farm and the Cradle mountain. I drafted an itinerary and shared it with my friend Mukul. With some changes, we had finalised the plans.


In this post, I have tried to provide as much information regarding our trip and itinerary:

Day 1 (Friday)

We took an afternoon flight from Sydney, so we can have at least the evening in Launceston.

After picking up the car, we headed to our hotel – ‘Olde Tudor Hotel’. The hotel was huge, with the reception right in front of the parking lot. The lady at the reception was friendly. She provided us with the necessary information and recommendations on the restaurants and things to do in Launceston. And the room was spacious and clean. I would definitely recommend this hotel – a big thumbs up.

As suggested by the lady at reception, we had our dinner at a Thai restaurant – ‘Star of Siam’, situated at the city centre. The food was yummy and mouth watering – I still remember the taste 😀 .

The highlight of the day was the walk at Seaport Launceston. It was a pleasing walk on the wharf along the river. The walk was complimented by the red moon (still not sure why the moon was red in colour) and the chocolate ice cream 🙂 .


Day 2 (Saturday)

We started the day by eating the delicious cream rolls and coffee for breakfast at a local bakery. The next stop was at the Bridestowe Lavender Estate. The Bridestowe Lavender Estate is 265 acre site known for their lavender farms. We were disappointed when we reached the estate as the farms were not purple 🙁 at all. It was the end of season 🙁 . The lavender season is from November to mid January.


After the disappointment of not seeing the purple flowers, we started for the Cradle mountain. The Tulah Lakeside Lodge, the place where we were staying for the night, was about 30 kms from the Cradle mountain.

On the way, we made two “out of the plan” stops –

  • First at Hillcrest Blueberry Farm – Yes, blueberry picking! And it was awesome fun. I learned that only the blue coloured blueberry is picked and not the green or red coloured :/ (as blueberries do not ripe once they are removed from the plant).
  • Second at a small town called Sheffield –
    • We had our lunch at T’s Chinese restaurant, which is supposedly one of the best Chinese restaurants in Australia. Honestly, I did not like the food that much. I have eaten better Chinese food at Sydney.
    • The interesting shop that we accidentally discovered was an antique shop called ‘The Emporium’. The shop had a variety of collectables and the owner of the shop was even more interesting – I think a total must see in Sheffield.

The drive from the Bridestowe to Tulah Lakeside lodge was picturesque. And with Bollywood music – Nothing more to ask for!


We reached the lodge in the night and immediately after keeping our bags at the room, we headed out to try our luck on the Aurora Australis. Yeah right! Not that easy. It was one day before the full moon, because of which we could not even see the Milky Way (let alone Aurora Australis). We clicked some pictures of the moon and stars, after which we called it a day.


Day 3 (Sunday)

In the morning, we spent time, having our breakfast, at the lake (which was no doubt pretty and delightful).


After the lazy breakfast, we started for Cradle mountain national park. The drive was again amazing and refreshing.

At Cradle Mountain, we bought the entry and the shuttle service to the national park. The shuttle dropped us to the Dove Lake. An Oh My God! It was heaven. After Milford Sound in New Zealand, this is another place which was alluring and seductive. We took many many pictures – We definitely couldn’t get enough of the place. Read my post – Guide to hike the Cradle mountain as well.


Due to lack of time, with heavy hearts we started for Launceston airport. On the way, we spotted a cute little echidna at the side of a free-way.


We had our lunch at a food court in Launceston city centre. We bought the pepper chicken stir fried and chicken dumplings, which were stupendous.

Finally, I ended up having an amazing and memorable trip 🙂 . I am sure I will always remember this fabulous trip for a very long time. I surely had so much fun and I will go back to Tassie again.


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