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Solopassport An Indian girl living in Sydney, making memories all around the World!

Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport!

Why Solopassport?

Solopassport was created with a simple aim of showcasing my experiences and photographs taken along my travel journey. But today, Solopassport has grown beyond just sharing pictures and talking about my travels. It has become a voice of an Indian Solo female traveler trying to influence other female travelers in taking a step into solo traveling.

Solopassport - Indian Solo female traveler
P.C. Anusuya Nagaraj

About the author

Welcome to my website!

My name is Raksha Nagaraj. I’m the blogger and social media influencer behind Solopassport. I am an Indian girl, based out of Sydney and Bangalore, solo travelling and making memories around the World. I am also an IT Professional who is trying to balance between a full-time job and my passion for travel.

Solopassport - Indian Solo female traveler

Solopassport’s passion

I have varied interest and my passions. I mainly solo travel and I love adventurous travels. From bunjee jumping from the first commercial bridge in New Zealand to scuba diving with sharks in the Maldives, I have done it all.

My passions are mainly divided into three parts:


I am an avid traveler who has traveled to 40 countries on 5 continents and is still counting. I am just an Indian girl living in Sydney trying to live her dream of travel. Even though I have traveled to 40 countries, I love traveling in India and Australia. I am truly blessed to call both these countries as home and hence, you will find a lot of content on these two countries on my blog.

I also solo travel a lot and one of my objectives is to promote solo female traveling through my posts. And as most of my readers and friends want to know why I love to travel solo. I would like to address this question by giving my few reasons below:

Because solo traveling is:

  • The best travel one can go on.
  • Liberating and educative
  • A way of learning how to handle situations
  • The ultimate in self-indulgence
  • And etc. etc. and etc.

Yup, agreed to all of the above reasons that everyone says. But what is solo travel for me?

For me solo travel is meditation.

I remember asking a few of my friends some time ago as to why should I be going to yoga or meditation classes when I can achieve the same outcome by sitting along the river or watching the birds fly or hearing the sound of the waves. My friends did try to convince me, but no, nothing changed my mind.

Apart from the meditation, my other reasons to solo travel are:

  • It provides me with an opportunity to do what I love and what I am passionate about – Travel. And mainly to travel with the best travel buddy I have, which is me.
  • It provides me as an escape, away from all the drama in my life, especially the drama that people get into my life. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my friends and family but sometimes it is the ‘me’ time that I crave for.
  • Allows me to clear my mind off, in difficult situations – I have come up with solutions to some of my challenges during my solo travels.
  • A great way to make friends – some of them for life – and yes, I have made a few friends along my travels.
  • I can be silly and stupid and I have absolutely no-one around to judge me.

And lastly but definitely not the least – Solo travel gives me access to the limitless power of sheer awesomeness 😀 (Oops taken the dialogue from Kung Fu panda).


I have always been a water baby and I loved everything about the ocean. My first dive was in the year 2007 and there was no looking back after that dive. I have always dived whenever I have got a chance, however it is only recently that I have been thinking of taking scuba diving as a potential career path. I am PADI certified Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver and I try to dive at least one or two times in couple of months.


I have a love for hiking as well and I try to hike as much as possible over the weekends. This is a passion that I picked up a few years ago. It was a step taken towards being fit and healthy.

Why do I hike?‘ is one of the common questions I get asked. Some of them around me is so inquisitive to understand why I love hiking and why do I do it so often. Read Why do I hike? to see my journey towards being fit and the reason why I started hiking. Today, I am proud to say that I have hiked to the Mount Everest Base Camp and also completed the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

The ultimate guide to Sydney - Why do I hike?
P.C. Vijay Kumar

A few postcards from my travel

Burbie Canyon

I sit like a Queen between the woods!

The magical and the whispering voice of the trees and its leaves,

The fallen trunk sit there like a throne,

Waiting for someone so strong and fierce,

Someone to rule the magic

And cherish & love the forest!

Burbie Canyon
P.C. Adarsh Chikkerur


As I watch the people of Ladakh I wonder!

I wonder as to how life can be this simple?

With such harsh climatic conditions

And such minimum facilities!

How can people be happy and contented?

I then realize one needs to learn to be happy,

the expectations or the facilities or the external surroundings do not matter,

as long as one learns to be happy –

happy within themselves,

happy with small things in life!



People have always told me I live in my fantasy world and that it does not exist.

I ask them ‘Have you looked up at the sky during the night?’

If we did not live in a Fantasy World, how can everything around us look so whimsical and magical?


Nubra Valley

The mountains – so strong and so fierce!

They stand to dominate every bit of the place.

The power that they exhibit – they can either break it or make it!

Oh, mountains – so strong and so fierce!

Nubra Valley

Pangong Lake

I walk alone with a camera in my hand

I walk along the banks of the lake

I walk looking at a place where heaven meets the mountains

I walk wondering how anything can be this beautiful and yet so pure

I walk alone enjoying the fresh morning air

I walk being happy not being with anyone

I walk being contented of where I am.

Pangong Lake

Kata Tjuta

Who says beauty and peace cannot be found in a noman’s land?

Who says beauty and peace is not just those sandstone rocks?

They can be found anywhere and everywhere – you just need to have an eye for it.

It lies in every small piece of stone or a rock or a bush.

Kuta Tjuta
P.C. Saira Gundluru

Moon – my obsession from Sydney

Dear Moon,

You are one main reason why I look up to the sky every night. I love you so much.

You look so beautiful in the dark sky, shining bright, rising from the horizon, and reaching to the peak so far high up.

Make sure you guard me when I am asleep every night.

Make sure you watch me when I am sad, wanting someone to share my emotions with.

Make sure you feel happy when I am amongst my family and friends making my memorable moments.

Oh Moon I love you and you are the reason why I look up to the sky every night.


Wedding Cake Rock

Life is those small happy moments.

Beautiful walk among the bushes, along the breathtaking cliffs.

Deep conversations with an adorable friend.

Evening colours of the setting Sun.

And the music of the waves hitting the shore.

Wedding Cake
P.C. Vijay Kumar


I have loved the stars and the night so fiercely to be worried and scared of the darkness.

It’s the glittering lights that make the darkness look so wonderful and tempting.


Solo travels are fun and enjoyable – no doubt about that,

But there are times where a journey and travel becomes more fun and memorable because of the company you have.

Always cherish the current moments and enjoy each and every minute of life.

P.C. Adarsh Chikkerur


How can one, not love in Tokyo?

Tokyo, the busy city and the bustling lights.

The city that never sleeps.

The city that brings in so many dreams.

The city is warm and welcoming.

It definitely ought to be love in Tokyo.



I won’t say ‘follow the road less traveled’.

I will say just follow the road,

The road that makes you happy.

Does not matter if it is less or more traveled.

As long as you are traveling, it is fine!



I walk alone, along the side of the river,

With beautiful cherry blossom trees on either side,

Covered and decorated in white and pink.

With tiny petals fallen on the path,

Sun preparing to set and put up a dramatic show.

A cool breeze of Spring teasing and whispering that the World is breathtakingly beautiful,

And all you have to do is look up and cherish 💕


Some of my other favourite travel quotes

There is a sunrise and a sunset every day and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty.

Cheryl in Wild (2014)
P.C. Vijay Kumar

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

~ Unknown
Channarayana Durga Fort

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Jacques Cousteau
Port Douglas Scuba Diving

“To awaken alone in a strange tour is one of the pleasantest sensations in the World.”

Inside a volcano called 'Thrihnukagigur'


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