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Being an avid traveler, I have no other option but to look for cheapest flight options. Air Asia and Scoot tops the list as the budgeted airlines for traveling between Australia and Asian countries. I have tried both – many times.

I have always felt since they are budgeted airlines, the service has not been that great. But this time around when I traveled from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia, I loved it.

From getting my boarding pass printed at Sydney airport till the time I got out of the place at Kuala Lumpur Airport, everything was perfect. Just seeing the staff attend to you with a smile makes so much of a difference. The staff were very friendly and excellent. They were attentive at all times and approachable. The tray table in front of me was dirty and as soon as I complained, one of the air hostesses immediately attended it and got the tray table cleaned. The aircraft had three divisions – Flatbed, Premium Economy and Economy. I took the Economy seat. And I must say I was impressed with the leg spacing between the rows.

I did not have any problem with the 8.5 hours journey and I was comfortable all along. The pilot from the cockpit made regular announcements and he was definitely in a cheerful mood. Even though we started 30 minutes late than the scheduled time, we landed Kuala Lumpur way ahead of time.

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