Kayaking in Vietnam

And we were lost.. in Halong Bay

Time: ~3:30 PM

“I think we need to go this way, Akshata”, I told my friend Akshata.

“No Raksha! Trust me, we are going the correct way”, said Akshata.

As I trust Akshata’s judgement and decisions more than mine, I quietly followed.

We kayaked and kayaked. God! How do people kayak? We couldn’t figure it out – None of our strategies worked :/ We were literally fighting with our paddles and with our kayak. After half an hour, we saw the kayak meeting point – Yes! We had finally reached.

Why were we kayaking? – Time: ~2 PM

As part of our tour in Halong Bay, we had 2 hours of kayaking. Our guide briefed us about kayaking and instructed us to return to the meeting point at 4 PM. This was Akshata’s and my first kayaking experience and we were excited – super excited. We decided not to go too far and make our way to the Kayaking meeting point after 1 hour of kayaking at around 3 PM. Yes, as usual, our plans are always perfect!

When we started kayaking, we thought it was so much fun. The views were amazingly beautiful and we clicked some pictures – well, I clicked some pictures :/ .


After 5 to 10 minutes of kayaking, we registered this was hard work – like really hard work. Fine, we agree we are not super fit!

Time: ~4 PM

We had reached the Kayaking meeting point. Right on time – the sky was changing colours. And the place was getting darker.


We tried to look for familiar faces – Not even a single one. Initially, we thought that our boat had left us behind. After carefully examining, we realised we had reached the wrong kayaking meeting point. Come on man! Like seriously? Why do they have two kayaking meeting points? We were exhausted after 2 hours of kayaking – and we had to go all the way back to the other Kayak meeting point.

Time: ~5:30 PM

“We thought you girls had drowned”, said our guide. After giving an apologetic smile, we entered our boat.

“We were about to send a rescue team”, said another fellow passenger. Damn! We were so embarrassed that we wanted to hide ourselves under the table or a chair. We had become a laughing stock.

Our boat was waiting for us to return. And all of the other passengers and our guide had reached on time and had waited for us 😀 for good 1.5 hours. After this incident, Akshata and I, for sure, had become famous among all others.

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