Review | Barrington wilderness cedar lodge

Barrington wilderness cedar lodge is located in the Barrington Tops national park of New South Wales in Australia. It is about 3 hours drive from Sydney. My friend Adarsh introduced this lodge to my other friends and I. He had stayed at this lodge earlier when he had planned a trip to Barrington Tops with his family. As the name suggests, staying at Barrington wilderness cedar lodge was truly staying in the midst of the wilderness. It had creeks, forests, colourful birds and the wallabies.


How to book:

There are 3 ways to book the lodge:

  1. Online – This requires minimum number of nights stay, as we were staying for 2 nights we booked through the phone.
  2. Phone – Call Tony Skimmings at 0413264314
  3. Email:


The up to date prices can be found on their website. We stayed in a duplex cottage, that costed us ~AUD 350 for 5 people.

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