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Stories and photographs from my Ladakh travels. Read my posts and see my pictures in this section of my blog.

Sangam - Ladakh

Rafting on River Zanskar (Ladakh)

“Do you want to jump inside the water again?” asked my rafting instructor come guide come lead. My eyes lit up. I was excited. “What is the name of this river? The one we are rafting on?” I asked. “Zanskar“, he replied. “Let’s jump in Indus!” I screamed. He grinned and agreed. We rafted for …

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Postcard from Hunder!

People have always told me I live in my fantasy world and that it does not exist. I ask them ‘Have you looked up at the sky during the night?’ If we did not live in a fantasy World, how can everything around us look so whimsical and magical? ~Solopassport

Guide | Visit Thiksey monastery during prayers

One of the best opportunities that I got in Ladakh was to visit the Thiksey monastery during the morning prayers. The chanting and the sounds of drums and horns by the lamas was a different kind of an experience that I had never witnessed. The youngest lama was 3 years old and it was a …

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Picture perfect Ladakh!

I love everything about Ladakh! And its a no surprise as everyone loves it. The people, the culture and the breathtaking landscapes – everything about the place is magical. The place provides an ample opportunity for photographs and any picture taken from any camera is picture perfect. These 32 photographs definitely proves that there is …

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