Diving in Pacific Islands

Diving stories and photographs in Pacific Islands. Read my posts and see my pictures in this section of my blog.

Diving in Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia)

I have loved most of the scuba dives I have ever done so far. Some staff may not have been as friendly and good as others but generally they are fine. But there has been one scuba diving that I had done in Gold Coast which I did not enjoy. I had dived with Queensland …

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Diving at Tangalooma wreck (Queensland, Australia)

The Tangalooma Wreck, at Moreton Island in Queensland, is a great dive spot in Queensland. It caters for new and experienced divers. The dive spot is home for several shipwrecks and variety of marine life. And it has crystal clear water which makes the diving even more fun. Provider details: Name: Tangalooma Dive and Watersports Note: …

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Diving in Amedee Island (New Caledonia)

My first dive after getting certified was at Amedee Island in New Caledonia. I was nervous. I was nervous because the expectation is that I would remember all the basic skills that I learned from my certification. This is a good expectation but the reality is a little different. Since scuba is something that I …

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Swimming with Seals (Narooma, Australia)

I find seals extremely cute. They are the puppies of the ocean. They are inquisitive and extremely playful under water. And my most favorite activity to do is to swim with these puppies. In Australia, there are plenty of places where we can swim with the seals. In NSW, it is in the Montague Island. …

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Swimming with dusky dolphins 🐬  (South Island, New Zealand)

‘I can manage in the ocean’ I said. ‘I am not sure, the sea is moderate today and we are not letting any non-swimmers go inside the water’, one of the staff at Dolphin Encounter said. ‘Please, I really think this would be easy and I have done it once in the past. If you …

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I love Bruce! (Australia)

‘Call me immediately’, my mother had texted after seeing a picture I had posted on Facebook. I had forgotten that my mother was on my Facebook friends list. Angrily my mother had asked, “Are you going there to see a fish?” Fortunately, she had thought I was only going on a boat trip that would take …

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Underwater working Post office (Vanuatu)

The first time I heard that there is an underwater working post office. “Really? That’s crazy!” I had thought and had ignored the idea thinking it was one of those hyped up not-so-true-kind of stories. But when I started researching on the things to do and see in Vanuatu, I stumbled upon the underwater post …

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