Backpacking in Europe

Stories and photographs from my travels during the backpacking trip in Europe continent. Read my posts and see my pictures in this section of my blog.

Gulab Jamoon in Lisbon

Indian restaurants in Lisbon

I am a sucker of Indian food. I crave Indian food if I do not have it for a week or so. I want my rice and daal (lentils) at the least. So, while I was backpacking in Europe, I tried various cuisines especially Romanian and Bulgarian cuisines. And this continued for about 4 weeks. …

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Porto | Historical Walking Tour

Porto, Portugal: Historical Walking Tour

I absolutely loved Porto in Portugal. It was a treat to take pictures of this spectacular city. The colourful buildings and the amazing display of the tiles were something to look for. And the pavements were even more beautiful. The city has an amazing vibe to it and anyone, I mean anyone can fall in …

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Taking pictures while Solo traveling

Earlier this month, I wrote an Instagram post about how to take pictures while solo traveling. And I am so glad that some of you reached out to me appreciating the post and acknowledging that that was the biggest challenge that you thought while solo traveling. Since many of my blog readers are not on …

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Travel Guide | Chișinău (Moldova, Europe)

I have to confess! I had never heard of Moldova or Chișinău before traveling to Europe this time. This is my third time in Europe and I had never explored the Eastern side of Europe. While I was in Bucharest for 1.5 weeks, I realised that Bucharest did not need 1.5 weeks to explore and …

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Amsterdam | Netherlands

Travel Guide | 3 days in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe)

Let me start this post by saying that I loved this beautiful city of canals. The city was lively, beautiful and never slept and that’s what I loved about this city. Even though I had taken a very long flight from Australia to Europe, I did not for once stay back at the hostel when …

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