Postcard from Tokyo!

How can one, not love in Tokyo? Tokyo, the busy city and the bustling lights. The city that never sleeps. The city that brings in so many dreams. The city that is warm and welcoming. It definitely ought to be love in Tokyo. ~Solopassport

Postcard from Nikko!

I won’t say ‘follow the road less traveled’. I will say just follow the road, The road that makes you happy. Does not matter if it is less or more traveled. As long as you are traveling, it is fine! ~Solopassport  

Postcard from Hiroshima 💕!

  I walk alone, along the side of the river, With beautiful cherry blossom trees on either sides, Covered and decorated in white and pink. With tiny petals fallen on the path, Sun preparing to set and put up a dramatic show. A cool breeze of Spring teasing and whispering that the World is breathtakingly…

Prayer is the spirit speaking truth to truth!

I love prayer flags, have always loved them since I saw them first in the year 2009 in Nepal. During those times, I never collected any souvenirs, hence I do not have the prayer flags. I will definitely buy one of those during my travel to Ladakh, India. Few days ago, a photograph popped up…