The first time I asked for a drop!

After walking for almost 2 kilometres in Mt Cook (New Zealand), I realised I cannot keep walking for another 10 kilometres to reach the starting point of my hike 😅. Yes, I had decided to do a hike on a rainy day. Maybe in clear nice days, I could have thought about it, but not…

Postcard from Kaikoura!

Solo travels are fun and enjoyable – no doubt about that, But there are times where a journey and travel becomes more fun and memorable because of the company you have. Always cherish the current moments and enjoy each and every minute of life. ~Solopassport Photo courtesy: Adarsh Chikkerur

How do you open a fuel tank?

My friend Akshatha and I had hired a car in Auckland. We had driven about 300+ kilometres from Auckland to Taupo the previous night. And we had decided to get the car’s fuel tank filled before we headed to Tongariro National Park. I had a car in India, which was about 4 years ago. And…

Queenstown, I love you!

I believe in fairy tales. Queenstown is a place that comes straight from a fairy tale. And I am in love with the place. Queenstown is in the South Island of New Zealand. A few of my pictures from the fairy tale land: My first view of Queenstown