Postcard from Hunder!

People have always told me I live in my fantasy world and that it does not exist. I ask them ‘Have you looked up at the sky during the night?’ If we did not live in a fantasy World, how can everything around us look so whimsical and magical? ~Solopassport  

Postcard from Nubra Valley!

The mountains – so strong and so fierce! They stand dominating every bit of the place. The power that they exhibit – they can either break it or make it! Oh mountains – so strong and so fierce! ~Solopassport  

Postcard from Ladakh!

  As I watch the people of Ladakh I wonder! I wonder as to how life can be this simple? With such harsh climatic conditions And such minimum facilities! How can people be happy and contented? I then realize one needs to learn to be happy, the expectations or the facilities or the external surroundings…

Postcard from Pangong lake

I walk alone with a camera in my hand I walk along the banks of the lake I walk looking at a place where the heaven meets the mountains I walk wondering how anything can be this beautiful and yet so pure I walk alone enjoying the fresh morning air I walk being happy not…

Postcard from Burbie Canyon!

I sit like a Queen between the woods! The magical and the whispering voice of the trees and its leaves, The fallen trunk sit there like a throne, Waiting for someone so strong and fierce, Someone to rule the magic And cherish & love the forest! ~Solopassport Photo Courtesy: Adarsh

Postcard from Sydney

Dear Moon, You are one main reason why I look up to the sky every night. I love you so much. You look so beautiful in the dark sky, shining bright, rising from the horizon and reaching to the peak so far high up. Make sure you guard me when I am asleep every night….

Postcard from Kata Tjuta!

Who says beauty and peace cannot be found in a noman’s land? Who says beauty and peace is not just those sandstone rocks? They can be found anywhere and everywhere – you just need to have an eye for it. It lies in every small piece of stone or a rock or a bush. ~Solopassport

Postcard from Wedding Cake Rock!

Life is those small happy moments. Beautiful walk among the bushes, along the breathtaking cliffs. Deep conversations with an adorable friend. Evening colours of the setting Sun. And the music of the waves hitting the shore. ~Solopassport Picture Courtesy: Vijay Kumar

Postcard from Kaikoura!

Solo travels are fun and enjoyable – no doubt about that, But there are times where a journey and travel becomes more fun and memorable because of the company you have. Always cherish the current moments and enjoy each and every minute of life. ~Solopassport Photo courtesy: Adarsh Chikkerur

Postcard from Tokyo!

How can one, not love in Tokyo? Tokyo, the busy city and the bustling lights. The city that never sleeps. The city that brings in so many dreams. The city that is warm and welcoming. It definitely ought to be love in Tokyo. ~Solopassport

Postcard from Nikko!

I won’t say ‘follow the road less traveled’. I will say just follow the road, The road that makes you happy. Does not matter if it is less or more traveled. As long as you are traveling, it is fine! ~Solopassport  

Postcard from Hiroshima 💕!

  I walk alone, along the side of the river, With beautiful cherry blossom trees on either sides, Covered and decorated in white and pink. With tiny petals fallen on the path, Sun preparing to set and put up a dramatic show. A cool breeze of Spring teasing and whispering that the World is breathtakingly…