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Wreck diving at Tulamben (Bali)

If you are an amateur diver and are planning to do an introductory dive, then I recommend scuba diving at Tulamben in Indonesia. Tulamben is a small village in the north-east coast of Bali. The dive site is popular because of the wreck of the Liberty, a US Army Transport ship.

Divers at Temple Reef | Pondicherry

Scuba diving in Pondicherry (East Coast, India)

India has around 8000 kilometres (5000 miles) of coastal line. It is surrounded by Arabian Sea on the West, Indian Ocean on the South and Bay of Bengal on the East. India also has some spectacular islands (Andamans and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands) off the coast. The oceans surrounding the coastal line and islands …

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Scuba diving in Netrani Island (Karnataka, India)

Where is Netrani Island? Netrani Island is a small island, off the coast of the main land from Murdeshwara. The island is about 20 kilometres, a short boat trip from the main land. It is home to coral reef and is a popular diving site in Karnataka state. It is said that the visibility is …

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Tangalooma wreck

Scuba diving at Tangalooma Wreck (Queensland)

Where is Tangalooma Wreck? The Tangalooma Wreck, at Moreton Island in Queensland, is a great dive spot in Queensland. It caters for new and experienced divers. The dive spot is home for several shipwrecks and a variety of marine life. And it has crystal clear water which makes the diving even more fun. Moreton Island and …

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Scuba diving in Dolphin Wreck (Brunei)

Brunei is famous for ship wrecks. It has many of the ships that have gone down and are spectacular sites for divers. While most of these sites are for advanced divers, there are some of them for open water divers as well. One such wreck is the Dolphin Wreck. Dolphin Wreck is a ship wreck that …

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