Review | Chai Lai Orchid (an elephant camp in Chiang Mai)

Chai Lai Orchid resort is a place where elephants, cats, dogs and chickens roam around freely. They live in harmony and together. I am glad to have found this place. Chai Lai Orchid is about 1 hour drive from Chiang Mai city and it is an elephant camp.

Elephants at the camp

They have about 20 elephants with small baby elephants as well. The camp has rented these beautiful 20 elephants from the people who had them as captive animals. Since they were born in captivity, it is hard to leave them back in the forest.

While I was at the elephant camp, I observed two to three elephants constantly and I saw that these elephants were allowed to roam freely. They roamed without the chains, only the baby elephant had a rope that was tied to its mother. The chains were tied only when they would return to their rest area to feed, rest of the time they were free of chains.

Most of the times, all the elephants do is eat bananas, which are fed by tourists, eat grass and plants, roam around, get a bath in the river by the tourists and get pictures clicked. Note: The pictures can be taken only if the elephants want to – I was told No many a times because the elephant was not interested.


The cost of the Plern Malee Balcony Room costed around AUD 79.75 for one night. I booked this stay through AirBnB.

Note: There are pick ups offered from the city which costs around Thai Bhat 800 per ride.

My view

I liked this property so much that I have been promoting it everyone I have talked to about my Thailand trip. And I do wish to go stay at the resort for more days.

Chai Lai Orchid

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