Chooti our beloved cat

Chooti, Our beloved cat!

Her name was ‘Chooti’, which means ‘very intelligent’ in Kannada language. True to her name, she has been the smartest cat I have ever kept. She was my Dad’s pet and she was with us for about 6 to 7 years. I have captured some of her expressions through my lens over the different time periods and this post is a tribute for our beloved Chooti.

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Chooti was a stray during her early years. One day she peeped into our window and that was the day where she became ours. My family instantly adopted her and nurtured her till the last.

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She loved sleeping at odd places and she owned the entire house. Even as a child, I had to give her place where she wanted to sleep or sit. My dad adored her and she ruled pretty much everything at home.


She became a mother couple of times. My mom ensured that she sat with her during her delivery and comforted her throughout. She loved her babies, just like how my mother loved me.

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We truly miss her and I really wish we had some more time with her. But we are happy that she came into our lives and she stayed with us.