Coldplay 2016

Coldplay is a British rock band that was formed in 1996. The members of the band are Chris Martin (lead vocalist and keyboardist), Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist) and Will Champion (drummer). Bottom line is that they are super awesome.

They was touring Australia and the concerts in Sydney were on 13th and 14th December.
When the concerts were announced, I quickly went on to their website to check the dates and realized that I was traveling to India on the same day. Later after an announcement at work, I decided to postpone my trip to India to 16th of December, which meant Coldplay concert was on.

After discussing with my friend Saira, we booked the tickets for 13th December concert. We were excited and looking forward for the concert.

On the day of the concert:
I think the universe can be naughty sometimes and it does realize when is the right time to trouble and when not to.

Well this was the day the universe decided to trouble us.

1. I had my workshop at 9 AM – I had to get up early – very early.

2. Both Saira and I were over loaded with work the entire day.

3. It was one of the hottest days of the year – at 38 degrees.

4. Repercussion of point 3, there was an emergency track work and the trains were cancelled/delayed. I had to travel from my work place to Central station (about 40 minutes train ride).

5. Saira lost her Opal card (Sydney transportation card) and had to purchase a new one.

6. After waiting at the train station for 20 minutes, I finally got into the train.

7. The driver of the train I was on, decided to stop the train in between the two stations and wait for all the other trains to go before us. (Like seriously? What is happening with me?)

8. I have always been confused with the Central station. I don’t understand why it couldn’t have been built simpler – it has so many concourses and exits. I got out at South Concourse and I got lost (of course). I had to go to the Grand Concourse where Saira was waiting for me.

9. Saira and I had decided to take an Uber from the Central station to the Allianz stadium (even though everyone had advised us to take only public transport). The cab driver cancelled his trip as soon as he realized we were going towards the Allianz stadium.

After all the above adventures and a long walk from the bus stop (we had to take the bus as we had no choice), we still managed to reach the stadium well on time. The queues at all the gates were crowded – super crowded.

We were allowed inside the stadium at about 5:30 PM. Our seats were in Stand C, very close to the stage, but the issue was that we had the huge camera setups and a stage in between the main stage and our seats. We were disappointed. They were expensive tickets and we had taken so much of trouble to reach to that point.

Well, we did not allow that to affect our mood for the night. We were there to have fun – honestly two glasses of wine and food helped.

The first two hours of the concert comprised of the support events. The local bands played the music. The first artist that performed was an upcoming Australian artist Jess Kent and the second artist was a British singer Lianne La Havas. Both were really good. The songs and the music that they played were catchy and upbeat.


In the mean time I observed, the moon (almost full moon) was rising up the horizon.

At about 8:15 PM, finally Coldplay arrived on main stage and bang – there were fireworks. Oh My God! Now that’s what I call an entry!

It was an amazing flow of energy everywhere in the stadium. People went crazy.

Their performance all through for 2 hours was brilliant. They were entertaining and awesome. Chris Martin was my favourite.

The energy was so vibrant that all of us in the stadium and yes including Saira and I started dancing, screaming, singing and hooting. Some even climbed on their seats and danced.

The wrist bands that were given to us in the beginning of the concert by the staff were spectacular. They were of different colors – green, red, purple and yellow. The glow from the wrist bands made the concert even more magical and mystical.

My favorite moment was when Coldplay was playing their last song ‘Love’, the moon had risen and was just on the right of the center of the stage. There were fireworks again. But this time when the fireworks lit up the sky with sparkles – they were right in front of the shining moon – what a spectacular sight it was! A dark night with energizing music, a full moon and the fireworks – What more could have I asked for!

I missed my camera and I couldn’t capture the moment. I had never ever seen a concert in Australia that was this amazing – this has been by far the most amazing one I have seen. Thank you Coldplay for the wonderful night!

The complete list of songs that Coldplay played that night is Songs list.



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