Dantes Glen Blue Mountains

Dantes Glen loop walk (Blue Mountains)

The Dantes Glen loop walk is definitely one of the most memorable hikes I have done in the Blue Mountains. Not because it had the best hiking trail ever, but because I was bitten by at least 4 leaches during the hike. I did not realise the bites during the hike but I noticed them when I came back home.

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Dantes Glen loop walk (Blue Mountains)

Where is Dantes Glen loop walk?

Dantes Glen loop walk is a walk in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales (NSW). It is an easy walk that passes through several waterfalls. The walk is in the bushes and it provides opportunities to view the wild flowers and trees.

Dantes Glen loop walk (Blue Mountains)
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The first stop that we stopped at was at the Fairy falls, and then we proceeded to the Michaels Falls, which was our second stop. The third stop was at the Echo point and then our last stop was at Frederica falls before we finished up at the starting point.

How to get there?

Public Transport

  • The closest train station is Lawson train station. The starting point to the walk is a short walk from Lawson train station.
  • Frequent trains run between Lawson and Sydney Central Business District (CBD).
  • More information can be found at NSW Transport website.


  • The car park is located at the end of St Bernards Drive in Lawson. There are plenty of free car parking space.

Logistics of the hike

  • Starting and finishing point: Lawson train station if traveling by public transport. Car park if traveling by a car.
  • Distance: 9 kilometers, including the distance from the train station.
  • Grade: Moderate (with some parts of the walk as Hard).
  • Time taken: Approx. 4 hours (with lots of photography breaks).
  • Type of walk: Loop.
  • Path: Lawson train station – Fairy falls – Michaels falls – Echo Point – Frederica falls – Lawson train station.
Dantes Glen loop walk (Blue Mountains)

Safety for solo female travelers

As a general rule, it is always good to go with a hiking buddy. Since there are lots of bushes on the hiking trail, it is best to go with someone rather than hiking alone. So I definitely suggest going with a friend or some one so one can be prepared for any unforeseen situations.

Dantes Glen loop walk (Blue Mountains)

Closing Notes

The Dantes Glen look walk goes through three waterfalls and they are absolutely spectacular. The hiking trail is so pretty and it has some amazing photographic opportunities.

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