Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Well famous for its shrines, palaces, mountains and national parks – Japan definitely must be on every traveler’s must visit countries. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.

Why should you visit Japan?

Japan, a land of culture and ancient traditions, is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited so far. It has immense amounts of breathtaking scenic beauty. Here are 10 Instagram photographs that will prove you that Japan should definitely be your next destination.


That one must visit place?

Arashiyama, also known as ‘Place of scenic beauty’, is a district on the outskirts of Kyoto in Japan. True to what it is known as, Arashiyama is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Japan.


What did I learn in Japan?

Japan was an awesome experience and I learnt their culture and humility. However, there were some interesting and intriguing things that I would definitely love to list them down – Interesting things I learned in Japan.


Where did I stay?

I am a big fan of hostels. Here are some of the hostels I stayed at in Japan.


My travel stories

Hachiko – a loyal dog – ‘Hachikō‘ was an Akita dog and he is remembered for the loyalty he had for his owner, even after 9 years of his owner’s death.


Prayer is the spirit speaking truth to truth! – I visited a shrine in Tokyo – Hie-Jinjya Shrine. There I saw these beautiful prayer blocks. I was mesmerised by them. It had messages written by all the people irrespective of the religion or the nationality.


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