Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries in Europe. Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It definitely is a dream destination! Truly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. The dreamy landscapes and the fjords are something to die for.

Cool stuff I did

  • Hike to the Pulpit Rock – Pulpit Rock is also known as Preikestolen or Prekestolen or Preacher’s Pulpit. It is a famous tourist attraction and hike in Ryfylke in Norway.Standing tall as a steep cliff rising 604 meters, Pulpit Rock has breath taking views of the fjord.


  • Visit to Sverd i fjell – Sverd i fjell which means Swords in Rock in English is one of the must dos in Stavanger, Norway. It is a commemorative monument of three swords with a background of an ocean. The swords are made of bronze and stand at 10 meters tall. They represent peace, unity and freedom.


  • The dance of the Northern lights – The Northern lights are the natural phenomenon that happens in the sky when there are collisions between the gaseous particles in Earth’s atmosphere and the charged particles released from the Sun’s atmosphere. It is an interactions of the solar wind with the Earth’s magnetic field.


My travel adventures

  • The muddy path! Read my story at an isolated beach.
  • Photo Diary: Tromsø – Tromsø is a city in the north of Norway. It is considered as the northern most city in the World and is also called as ‘Gateway to the Arctic’. It is one place that reminded me of Queenstown. It’s so beautiful that it looks like it has just come out of a fairy tale.

My 9 days itinerary

I enjoyed my 9 days trip in Norway. As part of travels, I traveled to 3 cities – Stavanger, Tromso and the capital city Oslo. I have shared my 9 days itinerary in the below image.


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