New Zealand (NZ) is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. The country is mainly divided into two main islands – North Island and South Island. The country is famous for its volcanic mountains and the beautiful dreamy landscapes.

  • Capital city: Wellington
  • Main language spoken: English, Maori
    • Basic Greetings: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good night, Hello and Good bye.
    • Maori Basic Greetings: Ata marie/Morena (Good Morning), Kia Ora (Greetings)
  • Currency: New Zealand dollar
    • Forex Exchange: Currency can be exchanged at any international airports
  • Tourist visa: Visa is required to enter NZ (latest information can be found on NZ Immigration website)
    • Things you can carry into NZ: The customs or the border protection is very strict in NZ (ensure all things including souvenirs are declared correctly)
  • Best time to visit: November to March
  • Adapter required (power points): Angled two or three pin plugs (same as Australia)
  • SIM: Spark NZ is the common provider and they can be bought at any international airports
  • Driving licence: International unexpired valid driving licence is required



  • Jetstar and Air New Zealand run frequent flights between Australia and New Zealand.
  • Jetstar is definitely the most economical airline.


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