Visit Dinosaur Valley in Scenic World

Scenic World in the Blue Mountains has Dinosaur Valley. It is definitely an amazing and great way to learn about the dinosaurs. I love the dinosaurs and have been a huge fan of them. I have not missed a single movie on dinosaurs and Jurrasic Park series are definitely one of my favorites. So, I enjoyed the dinosaur valley and the displays. These displays are till 28th of January 2019.

How to reach Scenic World from Sydney?

  1. There are frequent trains from Sydney Central station to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.
  2. There are frequent buses from Katoomba to Scenic World.
  3. More information can be found on Transport NSW website.

Dinosaur Valley from Scenic World bus stop

There are three ways to reach the dino valley:

  1. Buy Scenic World Discover Pass – This is the most expensive and easiest way to reach dino valley. The pass costs AUD 43 (USD 32) per person on the weekends. This pass gives access to all the sky rails and sky rides in the Scenic World and the dino valley as well. More information can be found on the Scenic World website.
  2. Access through Furber Steps – The cheapest option is to walk down the Furber steps and walk up those steps after viewing the dino valley. This is one of the hardest walks in the Blue Mountains. The Furber steps are around 1000 steps and is very steep. This is FREE and requires very good fitness level.
  3. The hybrid option – Walk down Furber steps and come up via sky rail or cable – The mid way is to walk down the Furber steps (remember it is still walking down 1000 steps) and after viewing the dino valley, come up to the Scenic World entrance via a sky rail or a sky cable. One way ticket costs AUD 23 (USD 17) per person. The ticket must be purchased after reaching the Scenic World souvenir shop at the end of the ride. More information can be found on the Scenic World website.

How much time does the dino valley take?

It is completely up to the person spending time at the dino valley. But I would definitely suggest to have at least 30 minutes to see everything in the dino valley.


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