Scuba diving at underwater working post office in Vanuatu

Underwater post office Vanuatu

I did not believe the first time I heard that there is an underwater working post office in the world. “Really? That’s crazy!” I had thought and had ignored thinking that it was one of those touristy hyped up not-so-true-kind of stories. During one of the Easter holidays, I had planned for a holiday to … Read more

Diving at Bare Island

Diving at the Bare Island

I had heard so much about the Bare Island. I had heard how beautiful the diving at this place was and how fascinated every diver was when they dived at this site. Honestly, diving at Bare Island was not planned for me. I just wanted to do a shore dive and I had booked a … Read more

Diving at Fairlight beach

Diving at Fairlight beach

I was supposed to go see the weedy sea dragons at the Shelly beach on the day. Unfortunately that did not happen due to the swell and the weather. So the dive centre decided to do a guided shore dive at Fairlight beach. And I think that was a good thing that happened. I had … Read more

Information on PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course

Sesimbra scuba diving

Buoyancy is something that I am still learning and understanding. It has been a huge learning curve. I know the more I practice the better I get. However, completing the PADI Peak Buoyancy Specialty course helped me in understanding how the buoyancy works in the water and how I can make sure I am properly … Read more

Diving at “The Gutter” in Shell Harbour

Snorkelling at Bushrangers Bay

I would say “The” best dive I have had in New South Wales (NSW) state is at the Gutter. While I was on Light to Light trek, I met a fellow trekker who had completed her PADI Open water course at Shell Harbour. She suggested that I head to this amazingly beautiful place and dive … Read more

Snorkeling at Bushrangers Bay in Shell Harbour

Snorkelling at Bushrangers Bay

I am a person who is scared of snorkeling. I usually use some kind of floating device to snorkel. I am a certified Rescue scuba diver but snorkeling in the ocean gives me jitters. But when I visited Shell Harbour for scuba diving at The Gutter, I decided to extend my stay to snorkel at … Read more

3 reasons to do PADI Rescue diver certification

Scuba diving

The PADI Rescue diver certification is one of the most rewarding PADI certifications I have done so far. The course is designed to help boost confidence among the divers by preparing the divers for emergency situations. I feel I learned a lot during this course. PIN for later reference Please note: This post may contain … Read more

Diving at Clifton Gardens

Diving at Clifton Gardens, Sydney

One of the most amazing dive sites I have dived at is the Clifton Gardens. Even though it was murky when I dived, I saw some unique and spectacular marine life. Definitely the beautiful, protected and calm dive site in Sydney is the dive at Clifton Gardens. PIN for later reference Please note: This post … Read more

Diving at “The Docks” (Jervis Bay)

Diving at the Docks, Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay comes to the top of the list when someone mentions diving in the South coast of New South Wales (NSW). Known for its beautiful caves underwater and spectacular marine life, diving in Jervis Bay is on everyone’s list. And hence it was on my list too. So a few weeks ago, a fellow … Read more

Diving at Camp Cove beach, Sydney

Camp Cove

Do you crave for an easy relaxing diving experience? A condition that is extremely pleasant and is suitable for a new diver? Well, I generally look forward for those diving conditions and enjoy the diving experience more when the sea is not rough and the water is not too cold. Camp Cove beach diving site … Read more

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