Each day provides its own gifts!

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

– Arthur Ashe

For me success is those small little steps that I take to move forward and to become a better person. I measure my success by all the kind and beautiful messages I receive from people whom I know and sometimes from people whom I do not know. These messages motivate me to do more of what I am doing. They make me feel grateful and loved.

On this page, I have collated and tried to portray some of these wonderful stories or messages I have received till date. Note this page will be constantly updated.

A girl who travels through postcards

A year ago, a girl from one of the South East Asian countries messaged me on Instagram. She wanted me to send her postcards from all the places I traveled. Her passion is to collect postcards from all over the World. She has never traveled far from home and she travels the World through the postcards that are sent to her by the various travelers around the World. From that day till today, I have been sending her postcards from everywhere I travel.

Indian married woman

I received a message on Facebook about an Indian married woman who loved looking at my blog and pictures. Whenever she felt let down by life, she would cheer herself up by reading my travel stories and pictures.

Travel advice to Vanuatu

Sometime ago I had received a message on Instagram from an unknown follower who was traveling to Vanuatu. She needed information about where to stay, what are the must see places and where to eat.

She had done some of the things I had suggested and had messaged me for helping her out. Well after few months, I realized that she was one of the judges of Miss South Africa USA pageant.

Random little messages from unknown

“Just read about you and your traveling. And I must say hats off to you.” ~ Ashutosh Sharma – An Indian follower.

“I was taking a look over your profile and it’s really inspiring! Way to charge!” ~ An Indian male.

“Hey, Okay I don’t know how to put this but I love your story on Facebook and I feel so proud and inspired that as a woman you travel alone.” ~ An Indian male.

“Hey am glad that I came across your profile. Great to see girls like you who inspire me to travel more.” ~ Anu – An Indian fellow instagrammer.

“Your blog greatly inspires my daughter. We enjoy traveling and she’s probably been to over 20 countries. She loves all your pictures and hopes to travel as much as you later in life too… 🙂 Awesome work… continue inspiring.” ~ Sangeetha – An Indian mother living in USA.



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