Review | Hideaway Island Resort in Mele Island

First of all, I would like to start my post by saying that Vanuatu is an amazing and beautiful place. And Mele Island is a small island, a short boat ride from the mainland. The island is owned by the local villagers and is leased to the owners of Hideaway Island Resort. I stayed at this stunning island during my visit to Vanuatu.

Booking and cost

There is only one resort on the island and that is Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary. The cost of 1 room accommodation was around AUD 267 for 3 nights. I booked the stay using website.

Vanuatu - Hideaway Island

My review

I enjoyed my stay here. The staff is very friendly and the sunsets are so pretty. And this island is home to the only underwater postbox in the World. So, its pretty cool to go scuba diving and post a postcard to all of your friends.


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