One of my major resolutions for this year is to hike and do lots of walks. This is my way of improving my fitness level, which I can definitely say is not at a level that I would like it to be. And let’s be honest, the view of the World from up above is definitely something to die for.

So the aim of this post is to provide a list of all the walks that I have done and have enjoyed so far.


  • Belmore falls (5 kilometers) is in the Morton National Park. The walk provides a spectacular views of the Kangaroo valley and starts off at the Hindmarsh lookout. The track is a fenced off trail, which means that to start the unmarked trail, we had to jump off the fence. The climb is through the fallen trees and the slippery rocks.


  • Bondi to Coogee walk (6 kilometers) is a famous coastal walk in Sydney. It is ranked as one of the best coastal walks in Sydney. The walk offers through the six sections of different views and experiences. It is graded as a medium walk.


  • Dantes Glen look walk (9 kilometers) is a walk in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales. It is an easy walk that passes through several waterfalls. The walk is in the bushes and it provides opportunities to view the wildflowers and trees.


  • Figure 8 pools (6 kilometers) are the natural pools in the shape of the number 8. They are located in Royal National Park near Burning Palms Beach. Royal National Park is a protected national park located south of Sydney in the state New South Wales of Australia.


  • Hanging Rock & Baltzer lookout (10 kilometers) – The Hanging Rock is a huge sandstone that is overhanging from the main cliff. It is over 100 meters high. It is one of the most pictured rocks in the Blue mountains.



  • Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (14 kilometers) – The walk is within the Botany Bay. It provides amazing and picturesque views. The last 4 kilometers of the walk is along the beach. The track is through the Botany Bay along the Cape Bailey and the Hanging Swamps.


  • Mount Kosciuszko (18 kilometers) is a mountain in the Main Range of the Snowy mountains. It is the highest mountain in the mainland of Australia and it stands at a height of 2,228 meters or 7,310 feet.


  • Spit bridge to Manly coastal walk (10 kilometers) – This Sydney coastal walk is a great way to explore the beautiful panoramic landscapes of the harbor and bush lands. The views are spectacular and provides great opportunities to take photographs. The walk also comes across few aboriginal rock carvings.


  • Tomaree Head Summit walk provides breathtaking views of Port Stephens and the north coast. The summit is about 160 meters high.
  • Valley of the Waters (6 kilometers) – The walk is into the canyon and passes through the various waterfalls. It provides an astonishing views of the Blue mountains and the waterfalls along the way.


New Zealand

  • Tama Lakes Walk in Tongariro National Park (20 kilometers) – There are two paths to reach the lakes – first is through the volcanic rocks unformed path and the second is through the waterfalls. The walk is through the rugged terrains of the national park with volcanic rocks and small streams of water.



  • Pulpit Rock (7.6 kilometers) is also known as Preikestolen or Prekestolen or Preacher’s Pulpit. It is a famous tourist attraction and hike in Ryfylke in Norway.Standing tall as a steep cliff rising 604 meters, Pulpit Rock has breath taking views of the fjord.


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