Lisbon Highlights tour, a walk through Lisbon landmarks

Castle of Sao Jorge

Lisbon city was the last leg of my 6 weeks backpacking trip in Europe. Even though it was towards the end of my travel, I still had some energy and enthusiasm left to explore the city by walk. As part of the Lisbon highlights self guided walking tour, I walked through some of the amazing … Read more

Beginner’s guide for hiking and trekking

Vattakanal Hike

Over the years, I have been constantly asked about how one can start hiking or trekking. There are many who want to start somewhere and get into hiking and/ or trekking but do not know where to start. Having trekked in the Himalayas and done the Everest Base Camp, I thought I should pen down … Read more

Historical walking tour in Porto

Porto | Historical Walking Tour (Hostels)

I absolutely loved Porto in Portugal. It was a treat to take pictures of this spectacular city. The colourful buildings and the amazing display of the tiles were something to look for. And the pavements were even more beautiful. The city has an amazing vibe to it and anyone, I mean anyone can fall in … Read more

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