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How do I manage my leave?

Earlier this year, I posted about how I fund my travels. Then the question popped up, how do I manage my job and leave! I would like to start by saying I have a full time job which requires me to work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and I do get limited number of leave like anyone else. So, how do I get my leave? The answers are quite simple.

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How do I manage my leave?

How do I manage my leave?

Let’s dive into the question straight away. Below are the things that I religiously follow:

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  • Contracting – I have a contracting job (contracting as in a job only for a fixed period of time) and this gives me flexibility to take a break between two contracts.
  • Planning – I plan well in advance. I plan my holidays and give enough notice (sometimes more than 6-8 months) to my boss.
  • My colleagues (especially my bosses in every contract) understand my passion for travel. Being in Australia helps as well. Even if you are not in Australia, make sure you are honest with your boss and build that relationship where they respect and honour your passion as well.
  • Weekend – I mostly travel during weekends. I travel almost all weekends. And I believe in backyard travels and usually explore my city or neighbouring cities and towns.
  • Long weekends – If it is a long weekend (say weekend with 1-2 days of public holidays), then I take few more days extra leave and travel for a long period. This helps me in traveling overseas.
  • Before starting any contract, I let the new employer know about my planned future travels. This helps me in being honest with my future employer and build that relationship even before I start my job.
  • Save up and take a break – I save during my job and take a break of few months so I can travel continuously. This does require a bit of discipline and dedication. So, saving and then taking a break to travel is a great way to do long travels.

These are some of them I follow and as you can notice or realise following these are not hard but they just have to be followed regularly. At the end of the day, where there is will there will always be a way!

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