Different types of fuel pumps identified with colors

How do you open a fuel tank?

My friend Akshatha and I had hired a car in Auckland. We had driven about 300+ kilometres from Auckland to Taupo the previous night. And we had decided to get the car’s fuel tank filled before we headed to Tongariro National Park.

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I had a car in India, which was about 4 years ago. And yes, I had forgotten everything about cars, starting from switching on an Air Conditioner (AC) to opening a fuel tank.

I perfectly parked next to the fuel tank. I knew the fuel tank was on the left hand side. But the big question was how do you open a fuel tank :/ . “How do you open a fuel tank, Akshatha?” I asked. We sat there, in the car for about 5 minutes, trying to figure out how to open a fuel tank. I was embarrassed – like big time! Well, I have an excuse, everyone who knows me realize that my brain doesn’t work in the morning, without a strong cup of coffee and that morning I was yet to have my coffee.

With a lot of embarrassment, I decided to ask the guy who was arranging the barricades at the petrol bunk. At first he was shocked by our question, then he realised we must be the desi (a.k.a Indian) versions of blondes. He giggled, and finally helped us open the fuel tank. The knob to open the fuel tank was under the driver seat – Seriously ?? Why? Is the car designed to solve a jig saw puzzle ?? I still don’t understand the reason of hiding the knob under the seat – Whatever!

Just like me, a few of them had a similar question and I found some answers on the Quora to find out why the fuel knobs are under the driver's seat.

I walked up to the fuel tank. Oh my God! Another big problem – Was the car a petrol car or a diesel car? I had a panic attack. There was no place where I could have just hidden my face ?. Why was this happening to me? I got my senses back and tried to look for instructions. All that was written was Octane 90 and above – Like that was going to help me ?.

I asked Akshatha to go talk to another guy (who looked like an Indian – a jackpot) at the counter. Akshatha hesitantly (probably abusing me) walked into the store and stood in the queue that was in front of the counter. Suddenly I had a brilliant idea (wooohooo! my mind works before coffee ?), and I decided to ask the question differently that made us a little less numskulls. I made a heroic entry (rather a ‘save myself from the shame’ entry 😀 ) and asked ‘The instruction on the fuel tank says Octane 90 and above – Should I be using for the green coloured or the yellow coloured fuel pumps’ My inner devil was so proud ??.

That day I learned many things:

  1. Learn some basics about the Goddamn car before hiring!
  2. Petrol knob is under the driver seat.
  3. The green and yellow coloured fuel pumps indicate petrol and the red coloured pump indicate diesel.
Different types of fuel pumps identified with colours
How do you open a fuel tank?
Different types of fuel pumps identified with colours