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I am a sucker of Indian food. I crave Indian food if I do not have it for a week or so. I want my rice and daal (lentils) at the least. So, while I was backpacking in Europe, I tried various cuisines especially Romanian and Bulgarian cuisines. And this continued for about 4 weeks. The result was when I landed in Lisbon, Portugal, all I could think of was Indian food. Me being an Indian girl worsens the situation some more.

In this craving, I decided to explore the various Indian restaurants that Google suggested near my hostel. I was in Lisbon for 5 nights and I tried 4 different restaurants, each night (except the first night).

Gandhi Palace, Lisbon

Address: Rua Douradores Loja 167.

The food was excellent and delicious. I had a vegetarian Paneer curry, rice, and masala papad and they were all very good. There was only one waiter and he was fine (not extraordinarily friendly but fine).

Natraj Tandoori, Lisbon

Address: R. dos Sapaterios 171.

I did not like this restaurant. There was some weird smell with the plain rice. One of the waiters who served me was arrogant and it looked like he did not care for customers. So a NO from my side for this restaurant.

Swaagat the Taste of India, Lisbon

Address: R. dos Correeiros 122/128

Absolutely brilliant food and hospitality. Everyone who interacted with me in this restaurant was amazing and friendly. I loved the experience here. And the food was beautiful and very tasty.

India Gate, Lisbon

Address: Rua da Padaria 18

The food was fine. I wouldn’t rate it beyond Swagat but it was not too bad as well. The staff was very friendly and nice.


So, this was my list of Indian restaurants in Lisbon. If you know of any good ones, please do let me know. And happy eating :)!

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