Interesting things I learned in Japan

Japan sure has some interesting and intriguing things. Below are some of the interesting things that I came across traveling through Japan.

1. Trams, here are known as Streetcars.

2. Mt Fuji is a girl 😊, the reason my tour guide gave me is because she always hides herself behind the clouds.

3. Every shrine has two sculptures of lion-dogs on either sides of the shrine gates – one with an open mouth saying ‘a’ and the other one with a closed mouth saying ‘um’. A represents the birth or beginning of life and um represents the death or end of life.

Interesting things in Japan
4. The tradition of praying in a shrine:

  • Ring the bell
  • Throw a coin in the donation box
  • Bow down once
  • Bow down again
  • Clap once
  • Clap again
  • Make a wish
  • Bow down for the final time

5. Japan has a service for everything, you can ever imagine.

6. There are no monkeys on Mt Fuji, they are around the mountain but not on the mountain itself. There are deers and lots of birds though.

7. Mt Fuji is 3776 meters high. Just to provide a comparison of how high Mt Fuji is, Mt Kosciusko, Australia’s highest mountain is 2228 meters high.

8. There are about 300 species of cherry blossom trees in Japan.

9. Cherry blossom is the turning point in Japan, reminds of the important memories. Japanese have a custom of cherry blossom viewing.

10. Before entering any shrine, the person must purify themselves. Similar to the Hindus entering the temples, the Japanese also wash their hands and rinse their mouth before entering the shrine.


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