Liebster Award!

Beginning of my blogging career, I was nominated for Liebster award. The Liebster award is an award that is given by fellow bloggers to the other bloggers and it exists only in the blogging world. It is a nice recognition tool. The Liebster award is the first level of the blogging awards, after which it is the Versatile blogger award.

Thank you Jamie (No Foreign Lands) and Kaustav (senk photography) for nominating me (Solopassport) for Liebster Award 2015.

Questions asked by Jamie

Do you prefer to travel solo or with a partner?

Whether I like to travel alone or with a travel buddy is dependent on the location that I am traveling to. I mostly love traveling solo, but once in a while I do love to travel with my travel buddies like my best friends and my family.

If you want to solo travel but have a lot of questions, then read my frequently asked questions for solo travel.

Grafton, Emerald beach and Solitary Island coastal walk

What is one thing you will never travel without? (A picture would be nice)

My camera. I love taking pictures and I capture too many memories on my camera. I usually use my iPhone to take pictures but I also do travel with my DSLR Canon 7D Mark II.

Picture with a camera

What was the longest trip you had ever taken?

The longest trip that I have ever taken was for 18 days, which included a 11 days trek through the Himalayas in the Saurkundi Pass, watching the parade at India and Pakistan border, the Wagah Border and praying in the most sacred temple, The Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Saurkundi Pass

Where and when was your first trip?

My first trip was in the year 2006. It was to a place called Coorg in the state of Karnataka, India. Coorg is a district in the state of Karnataka in India. I traveled to Coorg with my friends and the travel will always be special to me.

Any travel horror stories?

None to specify. I have definitely had many mishaps and misadventures but I would not call them as horror stories. These experiences made my travels so exciting.

Which is your favourite blog post?

If you are talking about the travel blogs that exist on the internet, then I have many. My favourite thing to do while I am not traveling is to read about travel and the places that I can visit. A few to name are:

  1. Tripoto.
  2. Topdeck Travel.
  3. Lonely planet.

If you are talking about my favourite blog posts on Solopassport, then there are a few of them that I love as I wrote them with a lot of passion:

  1. 10 places to see Milky Way in NSW.
  2. Story of ex-poachers in Manas National Park.

How do you keep consistent with blogging?

I would not lie that this is the biggest challenge among all the other things in blogging. I usually write travel blogs way ahead of the scheduled date. This way even when I do not keep up with the consistency, the travel blogs are still published on time and the blog has its own consistency.

What are you passionate about?

I have varied interests. I am passionate about many things. Be it travel writing and sharing stories, or traveling itself, I love to do them. I am also an avid hiker and a scuba diver.

Was there one particular trip that made you realize you have the wanderlust and you knew that you needed to keep traveling?

My addiction to travel was a slow paced initially. They were developed over a period of time. It started with few bike one-day trips. The more I travelled the more I realized that I needed to keep traveling.

What is your favourite dish from abroad?

Food is such an important part of the travel. I love to try new cuisines and new food dishes. I have many favourites but some to list are:

  1. Pepper chicken & rice (Indonesian).
  2. Stir Fry Basil Chicken (Thai).
  3. Hot and Spicy Chicken (Korean).

Tell me 5 things should know about you!

  1. I am fast turning into a travel addict.
  2. My best travel buddy is my camera.
  3. I am game for any adventurous activities (except maybe base jumping and bungee jumping, even though I have done bungee jumping once)
  4. I am scared of the dark.
  5. Bungee jumping is the craziest thing I have ever done so far.

Questions asked by Kaustav

Travelling solo or in a group? Why?

As answered above, It depends on the location where I am traveling to. I mostly love traveling solo, but once in a while I love to travel with my travel buddies.

Why? I love traveling solo as it makes me feel emancipated, in my travel journey, thoughts and the experience.

Backpacking or Luxury trips?

Backpacking wins any day. But I have started to enjoy the luxury travels as well and once in a while I do travel to exotic locations.

Planned trips or spontaneous plans?

Spontaneous trips are more fun undoubtedly. But because I am a solo female traveler, I usually plan for my travels as I feel more safe if I at least have some parts of the travel sketched out.

Local food or food chains? Why?

Local food. Isn’t trying local cuisines an integral part of the travel experience and journey?

Do you take a guide or an audio guide or trust the internet?

Whenever I have a chance, I take a guide or an audio tour. I feel the guides and the locals are the best way to know about places especially at historical monuments and places. If the guide is not available, then trust the internet.

The hills or the oceans?

I am a crab and crab always love the oceans. Having said that I love the hills and the mountains too. I always try to balance out my travel between these two.

Do you try out the adventure sports? Which ones have you done?

Yes I love adventures and I usually try to accommodate one or the other adventurous activities in my travel. Some to name are:

  1. Bungee Jumping.
  2. Sky diving.
  3. Diving with the Sharks.
  4. Scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef.
  5. Trekking in a tiger reserve.

Bikes or cars to travel around?

I have enjoyed bike rides. Having said that, it is cars that I prefer now.

DSLR/Point and shoot or Go-Pro and variants?

I like to take pictures with my DSLR Canon 7D Mark II and my iPhone.

Do you take a lot of selfies? Why and why not?

I am not usually a fan of selfies but when I am traveling alone sometimes I do not have a choice but to take selfies.

Questions for my nominees

  1. What is your blog about?
  2. What keeps you going with your blog?
  3. Do you travel? If yes, do you categorise yourself as a tourist or a traveller?
  4. Do you love taking pictures? If yes, what is your favourite kind of pictures?
  5. What is the best thing that you enjoy while writing?
  6. What is your target audience with respect to your blog?
  7. Do you love the mountains or the beach? Why?
  8. What is the most adventurous activity you have ever done?
  9. When and where was your first travel?
  10. Which is your favourite place that you have travelled to so far?

I nominate the below people:

  1. Akshata from Dialog with life.
  2. Megha from Not An Ordinary Food Blog.
  3. Chandini from Chandini Ramesh.
  4. Neha from Life needs a holiday.
  5. Jagdeep from Preaching Mommy.
  6. Roota from The Purple Backpack.


  • Thank the one who  has nominated you.
  • Answer the questions thrown at you as honestly as you can and make 10 questions of your own.
  • Nominate at least 5 members who you think are deserving the appreciation and go on spread the love. Let them know by commenting on their posts.

And yes, feel free to use the badge of the award.


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