Lord of the Fries | Review

Do you love hot chips (fries) as much as I do? The hot potato roasted and dipped in some awesome and divine sauces? If that is what you crave and want? Then definitely ‘Lord of the Fries‘ is the place to be for amazing and delicious hot chips.

It is ‘the’ place to go to when you want to eat some good hot chips. Lord of the Fries has stores everywhere in Australia, but Melbourne has a lot of many stores and they are available at almost every train station in Melbourne CBD. And in Sydney, they have only two stores – one at George Street and the other at Newtown.

They have different dips/sauces that can be bought to complement the chips. I love the Vietnamese spicy sauce. A small classic chips with the sauce costs around AUD 5.50.

I think they make the best chips in the World. Everything that is made in Lord of the Fries is the best and delicious. And they have vegan options too.

Whenever I visit Melbourne, I visit Lord of the Fries. It has become a routine and a must-eat snack while in Melbourne.

P.S. In Australia, we call the fries as chips.

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