Golden Circuit

Hike MacMohans Goldfield Circuit or Upper Yarra Goldfields

One of the initial walks I did when in Melbourne was the MacMohans Goldfield Circuit walk. It was hard for me as I was not hiking too much back in those days. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful walk with a group of people I had met during a meetup.

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How to get there?

  • Public transport: There is a bus from Lilydale station to Warburton, which is the closest town. And there are trains between Flinders street and Lilydale station.
  • By Road: Driving is the convenient option and the Little Peninsula Tunnel car park is about 90 kilometres from Melbourne Central Business District (CBD).


  • Starting point: Little Peninsula Tunnel car park
  • Ending point: Little Peninsula Tunnel car park
  • Type of walk: Circuit
  • Distance: 12.9 kilometres
  • Time required: 5 hours
  • Grade: Moderate to Hard

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