Guide to go on a Night Safari

Yes, as everyone suggested the night safari is exciting and a must do. The night safari is a zoo safari at the Singapore zoo. It is about discovering and exploring the world of nocturnal animals.


I booked the tour at the Chinatown visitor center and it costed me around SGD 64.


The tour guide picked us up at about 6:30 PM and the zoo was approximately 40 minutes drive. He briefed us about what to expect and what not to.

The tour had three parts – first – to go on the safari, second – to watch a 30 minutes animal show and third – to explore, shop and have dinner.

For Part 1, all of us queued up in a line and waited for the tram. The tram was a long three buggies connected one behind the other. As the driver drove through different open enclosures of the zoo, there was a constant commentary describing each of the animals we passed. The safari initially started off with flamingos and different cattle – goats, buffaloes and pigs and then progressed to the lions, hyenas and elephants. The only animal that had a glass cover for the enclosure was my most favorite animal – The big cat, Tiger. Even lions did not have the glass covered enclosures. This clearly showed the power and respect given to the Tigers and I loved it. There were rhinos and Indian Gaurs as well.

After the safari, we were the escorted by our tour guide to part 2 of the tour – the animal show. The animal show was cute and the zoo staff got some of the nocturnal animals out to do some small tricks.

We were then left alone to explore the zoo for the next one hour, which was part 3 of our tour. All I did was have dinner. By the time I finished my dinner, it was time to leave the zoo and head back to our hotels. The tour guide dropped us to our respective hotels and I called it a night.



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