One day in Bangalore

Bangalore, my home, is a city in the Southern part of India, in the state of Karnataka. There are plenty of things to do in and around Bangalore. It is a city of lakes and gardens and there are so many things to explore in the city. Even before I get into the one day itinerary, I would like to mention that one day to explore this beautiful city is less.


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Transportation to / from Bangalore airport

Bangalore airport is called Kempegowda International airport. The airport operates as International and Domestic airport. The airport is around 35 kilometres from Bangalore city.

There are two ways to get to Kempegowda International airport (Bangalore airport):

  • Airport Shuttles: The cheapest way to get to the airport is by the BMTC airport shuttles called the Vayu Vajra. They are the Volvo buses that run through 11 routes and are very frequent from various main bus stops across Bangalore. The latest and up-to-date information can be found on their website.
    • The cost for one ride between Airport and Majestic is about INR 270.
    • The timings from the Kempegowda bus stop are as below:
Bangalore buses timetable
  • Taxi: The quickest way is to take a taxi. Ola and Uber taxis are allowed inside the airport. They are cheaper than other taxi providers. Meru Airport cabs are the cheapest of the lot as well.
    • Cost to the airport is around INR 750 to 850 per ride.

My experience

I have tried all the above transportation methods and I personally like Meru Airport cabs. This is simply because the buses take a lot of time and Uber/Ola cab drivers sometimes reject the trips and this causes confusion.

Transportation in Bangalore city

Bangalore has various modes of transport. It caters for cheapest mode to the most expensive modes of transport. The fares can be paid by most cash in the buses and auto rickshaws. The debit/credit cards can be used at the metros and taxis.

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses

There are plenty of BMTC buses in the city that covers every bit of Bangalore. The buses are a good mode of transport for the locals and the most popular one too. But, this is my least favourite among all the four transports. The buses are generally not on time and some of the bus drivers drive really bad. The buses are overcrowded and I would not recommend commuting around the city in a bus.

The fare on the buses can be paid by either cash or the BMTC pass. These passes can be bought at the counters in the main bus stops such as Majestic.

Namma Metro

My most favourite way to get around in Bangalore is taking the metro. It is the quickest way of transportation. Even though in the earlier stages, Namma Metro covers the main parts of the city. The only drawback is that the metros are extremely crowded and can be a maddening rush during the peak hours.

The entry into the platform is either by a token or a travel card. Both can be purchased at the counter by either paying cash or debit card. The travel cards generally offer discounts of 5% on the fare.

Auto Rickshaws

The most common and easiest way to get around Bangalore is by taking an auto rickshaw. They work their way around and ensure to get you on time wherever you want. But beware that most times they refuse to get you onboard and will only accept you as a passenger if they wish to go towards the area you are going. Best way to get into an auto rickshaw is by hailing by the roadside. Also, beware of the auto drivers who take more than the amount displayed on the metre.

The fare is paid only by cash. I suggest having the exact change amount as sometimes the auto drivers do not return the change.

Auto Rickshaw in Bangalore
Auto rickshaw


The best and expensive way to get around Bangalore is by taking the taxis. The cheapest taxi options are Ola and Uber. They can be booked using the mobile apps and they generally arrive on time for the pickup. However, ensure to call the driver to confirm if they are coming for sure after your booking as the drivers sometimes cancel the bookings after accepting.

The fare can be paid using cash, credit/debit card on the app or Google Pay.

One day itinerary in Bangalore


  • Head straight to Shri Sagar (CTR) in Malleswaram to taste the authentic breakfast (dosas are a treat) with filter coffee. This is one of the most favourite breakfast joints among the locals.
Masala Dosa at CTR: Bangalore
Masala Dosa at CTR
  • After enjoying the delicious breakfast, go to the Bangalore Palace. Built in Tudor style architecture, Bangalore Palace has interiors that are elegant and remarkable. The palace and its surroundings are spread across 454 acres.


  • For lunch, head to Nagarjuna to enjoy the authentic Andhra style biryani and chicken roast. Don’t forget the buttermilk!
  • The next on list must be to stop by the Vidhana Soudha. It is a massive architectural marvel. It is the seat of the state legislature of state of Karnataka and was completed in the year 1956.
Vidhana Soudha


  • A visit to Bangalore will not be complete without visiting the marvelous temples located around the city. ISKCON temple or the Bull temple would be the best bet to witness the stunning sculptures and artifacts.
  • Finish the day by visiting the famous food street – Thindi Beedi (Street food) in VV Puram. This is a street with the best street food, that has a range of food starting from the dosas and idlis (puffed rice cakes) to chats (Indian snacks).
Masala Puri at Thindi Beedi

Safety for solo female travelers

Bangalore is relatively a very safe city in India for solo female travelers. However, be cautious and know your surroundings especially at nights. And do not hail the auto rickshaws or a taxi (without booking it online) for night rides. Always keep a friend or a family member informed about your whereabouts.

Closing notes

As I said, one day is not sufficient to see everything in and around Bangalore. This city has a lot of character and it caters to all kinds of travelers and tourists. And it is one of those cities that everybody falls in love with.

If you would like to explore offbeat places around Bangalore, then read Unexplored getaways around Bangalore.

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9 thoughts on “One day in Bangalore”

  1. Bangalore is one of my favourite cities, it has so much to offer, that one cannot get enough. There is also HAL museum, local zoo, Nandi hills to be explored. But yes, your one day itinerary looks compact. I love the Bangalore palace, it is definitely treat to the eyes.

  2. Bangalore really has so much to offer. I absolutely love the Bangalore Palace. Loved the one day itinerary. And couldn’t agree more on the transport details. For me taking rickshaw is a total no and they looted me a lot.

  3. Good to read about your India visit Raksha. After reading your Australia posts and places in it I used to wonder where would you explore in India and Banglore is picked by you. I too like Andhra style Biryani and completely like the buttermilk along.

  4. I had started my career in Bangalore and now I am all nostalgic after reading your post. I still remember that the Metro were under construction when I was there and that caused such horrible traffic jams. I had explored a bit of Bangalore at that time. Hope to visit there sometime soon.

  5. Always love reading a blog about Bangalore. It gives such a different perspective. Bangalore is indeed a complete experience for the senses. It is also a city with multiple personalities, from the laid back pensioner’s paradise to a bustling metropolis. We love the pockets of Malleshwaram and Basavanagudi where the old Bangalore still survives.


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