Photo Diary: Lake Macquarie 

I was craving for a road trip. After talking to Rahul on a Friday, I booked a car from one of the car rentals. We had decided to go for one day road trip – nothing too far, about 2 to 3 hours of drive each way. On Sunday, we picked up the car at 9:30 AM (the pick up was at 8:30 am, but considering that I was involved 1 hour late is not too bad).


Rahul called up another friend of ours – Sambaran (whose nick name is also Rahul).

We started debating on the places to visit. Yes, we had picked up the destination without any destination in mind. We started from Palm Beach to Hunter Valley to The Entrance. But finally I won (as usual) and we finalised on Lake Macquarie. We finally started from Sydney at 12 PM.

Lake Macquarie is about 150 kilometres from Sydney. It is in the Hunter region and it is a home to many coastal towns and villages. After being referred by one of the attendees in the visitor centre, we headed to Caves Beach.

Caves beach is famous for its sea caves and can be explored during the low tides. The shades of blue and the colours of the sea caves were spectacular.

We spent an hour at the Caves Beach and we started for Swansea Gardens holiday park. This was my favourite part of the trip. The holiday park is just next to the ocean and the water is so clear and beautiful. It has different shades of blue and looks stunning.


We started for Sydney at around 5 PM and were back home by 6:30 PM. In a nutshell, it was a very well spent day and hey even the weather decided to cooperate with us with a warm perfect weather for the beach.

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