Postcards from Ladakh

Ladakh is truly a magical place. I always felt that there is no bad picture of Ladakh, every corner, and every place looks spectacular. The below postcards are from this mesmerising place.

Postcards from Ladakh


As I watch the people of Ladakh I wonder!

I wonder as to how life can be this simple?

With such harsh climatic conditions

And such minimum facilities!

How can people be happy and contented?

I then realize one needs to learn to be happy,

the expectations or the facilities or the external surroundings do not matter,

as long as one learns to be happy –

happy within themselves,

happy with small things in life!


Postcard from Hunder


People have always told me I live in my fantasy world and that it does not exist.

I ask them ‘Have you looked up at the sky during the night?’

If we did not live in a Fantasy World, how can everything around us look so whimsical and magical?


Postcard from Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley

The mountains – so strong and so fierce!

They stand to dominate every bit of the place.

The power that they exhibit – they can either break it or make it!

Oh mountains – so strong and so fierce!


Postcard from Pangong lake

Pangong Lake

I walk alone with a camera in my hand

I walk along the banks of the lake

I walk looking at a place where heaven meets the mountains

I walk wondering how anything can be this beautiful and yet so pure

I walk alone enjoying the fresh morning air

I walk being happy not being with anyone

I walk being contented of where I am.


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