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I have loved most of the scuba dives I have ever done so far. Some staff may not have been as friendly and good as others but generally, they are fine. But there has been one scuba diving that I had done in the Gold Coast which I did not enjoy. I had dived with Queensland Scuba Diving Company Pty Ltd. This was during my initial days in Australia and I had booked a 4 hours introductory dive with this company. The briefing session and my instructor were fine but the whole diving experience was not pleasant. The dive was a shore dive and it had cost me AUD 92.75 per person, which included the equipment and the instructor.

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I had expected it to have been like the other scuba dives I had done before in India and Malaysia. The maximum depth we had been was only around 4 to 5 metres. Yes, I had seen marine life and there were plenty of fishes, but the place they had selected was very dirty and there was very little visibility. I do understand that the visibility depends on many factors and it is not controlled by the agency. But 4 to 5 metres depth is too less for a scuba dive costing so much. This may be because this was an introductory dive – I do not know. Even PADI’s Discover Scuba dive says that the max depth is around 8 metres.

I am not sure about their other scuba diving services, but the 4 hours introductory dive is something I do not recommend going with Queensland Scuba Diving Company Pty Ltd. unless you have absolutely no experience in scuba diving or swimming.

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