20 – I am grateful

Today’s topic is about Gratefulness. I believe gratitude is very important, it is what makes a person humble and grounded. So this is a beautiful topic of discussion and everyone should have gratitude towards their surroundings and the people in their lives. These are the things I am grateful for: As I have previously mentioned, …

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10 – My favourite country

My favourite country? Out of all the 28 countries I have traveled so far, it is difficult to choose just one. I have liked different things in different countries. But I will still attempt this topic. I actually have 2 favourites. First one on the list is a country that is very close to Australia …

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Tropical North ­čî┤

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Queensland is the Great Barrier Reef. The northern part of Queensland is not only famous for the spectacular blue oceans and Great Barrier Reef, but also for the lush rainforest and definitely one of the oldest rainforests in the World – The Daintree …

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Photo Diary: Moreton Island

Moreton Island is an island that is 58 kilometers from the capital city of Brisbane in the state of Queensland in Australia. It is a paradise and there is no doubt or question in that. The beaches are crystal clear and has only sand dunes within the island.┬áThe island offers many activities to do, to …

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Photo Diary: Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is a beautiful town in the Shire of Noosa in the state of Queensland in Australia.┬áThe nearest airport from Noosa Heads is Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast airport is about 30 minutes (by road) from Noosa Heads. Noosa Heads┬áis popular tourist attraction for its pristine beaches and wildlife. It┬áhas a huge population of koalas …

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The Big Blue World, Corals, Fishes and the Sharks (Cairns, Australia)

Who would not want to dive in the Great Barrier Reef? That’s probably on every traveler’s bucket list visiting Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is the World’s largest living structure with about 3000 individual coral reefs and 900 islands. It stretches over 2300 kms and is on the North Eastern side of Australia, off coast …

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Even nature believes in love

The pilot of the sea plane announced, “We have the Heart Reef coming up in 100 meters”. My heart skipped a beat! Was this the moment I was waiting for? For this long? I am finally going to┬ásee the most beautiful and romantic reef in the World –┬áHeart Reef! My Melbourne days (Year 2013): Since …

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