Bloody Long Walk

The Bloody Long Walk!

I participated in the Bloody long walk a couple of years ago. My friend and I had decided to do this walk as part of her birthday gift to herself.

About the Bloody Long Walk

The Bloody long walk is 35 kilometres walk in a single stretch. The walk is owned and operated by the Mito Foundation. The purpose of this walk is to raise funds to help find cures for the mitochondrial disease (mito). Mito is a debilitating and potentially fatal genetic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to convert food into the energy needed to power muscles and major organs. I raised funds as well to support this organisation.

If you would like to make a donation, please do so by donating using the link:

Note: Even a dollar makes a huge difference. And special thanks to all of them who have donated already.

Route of the walk

The Bloody long walk starts from Palm Beach and finishes at Manly Beach and it takes about 8 hours to finish it. It is through the ocean lookouts, cliffs and national parks. I am really looking forward to it.

Logistics of the walk

  • Registration website:
  • Registration cost: AUD 99.22 per person.
  • Distance: 35 kilometres.
  • Time taken: 7 to 8 hours.
  • Starting point: Palm Beach.
  • Finishing point: Manly Beach.
  • Path: Palm Beach – Whale Beach – Avalon Beach – Bilgola Beach – Mona Vale Beach – Turimetta Head Lookout – Narrabeen Peninsula – Collaroy Rockpool – Long Reef Point – Dee Why Beach – Curl Curl Rockpool – Freshwater Lookout – Manly beach.
  • Public transport:
    • There are frequent buses between Circular Quay and Palm Beach. 
    • And there are ferries that run between Manly Beach and Circular Quay.

Preparation of Bloody Long walk

I did start preparing for this week a few weeks in advance. I started off with small 7 to 8 kilometres walk with the group and then graduated on to the long 20 kilometres walk. We also did a dress rehearsal of the walk two weeks before the actual walk, i.e. take the exact path and do the same distance.

List of walks we did in preparation of the walk:

Rehearsal walk

My friends and I also did a rehearsal walk, two weeks before the actual walk to see if we could complete the 35 kilometres walk in a day.

Lessons learned

  • Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes.
  • Change the socks mid way.
  • There are water and toilet facilities on the way.
  • Practice the walk at least once before attempting the main one.

Closing Notes

I am so glad that we did the Bloody Long Walk and were able to contribute to a good cause. I will do the walk again someday and raise more funds towards the cure.