The first time I asked for a drop!

After walking for almost 2 kilometres in Mt Cook (New Zealand), I realised I cannot keep walking for another 10 kilometres to reach the starting point of my hike ?. Yes, I had decided to do a hike on a rainy day. Maybe in clear nice days, I could have thought about it, but not today when it was pouring.

My story about the first time I asked for a drop (Hitchhiking)

I decided to ask for a drop called as Hitchhiking (which I have never done when I have been solo traveling ? – please ensure you use your common sense if you decided to ask for a drop), I waved hesitantly towards the first car I saw. They did stop and it was an older couple from Christchurch (New Zealand) who were here for the weekend. The lady was so worried looking at me traveling alone, and who was hiking alone to view the glacier. After a lot of lecturing and worrying, they dropped me at the starting point of the hike. I did assure them that my friends knew I was hiking ? .

Anyway, I did the two small hikes – 1. To view the glaciers to Tasman Glacier view. The icebergs were still floating around the lake and it was a spectacular view ?. Unfortunately, I could not take pictures of my camera, as it was raining cats and dogs ?. And 2. To the Blue lake, where the lake was actually green (supposedly it’s because when they named the lake it was clear glacier water, but now it’s just the rainwater). I met four girls, two from Sydney, one from Singapore, and the other from HK. They were a fun bunch.

My story about the first time I asked for a drop (Hitchhiking)
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While returning I did the same, ask a drop. This time I met an even older couple from Brisbane. They were so wonderful that even though it was not their route, they dropped right in front of my accommodation.

It truly is amazing to see the best of people while traveling. There are people who help and acts like these show that the world is with good people. I was truly blessed that day to meet such a friendly amazing set of people.