Transportation: Christchurch International Airport to Hostel

I landed in Christchurch at around 1 AM. I was worried that my only options to get to my hostel (YHA Christchurch) would be taxis or Uber, which could cost me somewhere from NZD 40-80.

In fact, earlier that day I had called the hostel reception and had inquired the cheapest and safest way to get there. The answer that I had got was that it had to be either taxi or Uber as at the time of my flight landing, there would be no options available.

But the guy at the reception and I were both wrong. I walked out of the exit at the airport and saw an ‘i’ board, which generally means the Information centre. I walked up to the guy at the information centre and inquired the same that I had asked earlier to the hostel guy. The answer was quite different. He said there were shared shuttle services called Supershuttle, which is a door to door service and they would drop me right in front of my hostel. How cool is that! And this for only NZD 25. Even before getting into the shuttle I had become their fan.

The fondness for them grew when:

  1. My shuttle driver was super friendly and she took care of me by making sure I got down right in front of my hostel. For some reason the hostel gate code did not work and I could not get into my hostel for 5 to 10 minutes. The shuttle driver patiently waited till I got in and then left, ensuring I was safe.
  2. Everyone who knows me well knows I am a big fan of free wifi. Just like the icing on the cake, it turned out that the shuttle had free wifi service on-board.

How do you book?

  • 0800 748 885
  • Shuttle stand outside Christchurch airport


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