Transportation to / from Bangalore airport

Bangalore airport is called Kempegowda International airport. The airport operates as International and Domestic airport. The airport is around 35 kilometres from Bangalore city.


There are two ways to get to Kempegowda International airport (Bangalore airport):

  • Airport Shuttles: The cheapest way to get to the airport is by the BMTC airport shuttles called the Vayu Vajra. They are the Volvo buses that run through 11 routes and are very frequent from various main bus stops across Bangalore. The latest and up-to-date information can be found on their website.
    • The cost for one ride between Airport and Majestic is about INR 270.
    • The timings from the Kempegowda bus stop are as below:
Transportation to / from Bangalore airport
  • Taxi: The quickest way is to take a taxi. Ola and Uber taxis are allowed inside the airport. They are cheaper than other taxi providers. Meru Airport cabs are the cheapest of the lot as well.
    • Cost to the airport is around INR 750 to 850 per ride.

My experience

I have tried all the above transportation methods and I personally like Meru Airport cabs. This is simply because the buses take a lot of time and Uber/Ola cab drivers sometimes reject the trips and this causes confusion.

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