3 reasons why I love Sydney

Sydney airport Raksha

Till I lived in Sydney, I did not even understand the phrase “I love the city”. I always wondered how and why people fall in love with a city or a place. But having lived in Sydney for many years, I know and realise that I am in love with Sydney. It is a city … Read more

20 best travel quotes

Travel the world

Travel is my first love and there is nothing that I would rather do than travel. Even though travel is always on my mind, I usually do need to be reminded and inspired at times of how travel changes life and keeps me motivated. And I do know that words and the quotes are the … Read more

3 reasons why moms are best travel buddies

My mom and me at Chidiya Tapu

Finding the right travel buddy is hard. There are many a times where you could be best friends with someone but cannot travel with them, especially if it is for longer travels. Over the years, I have traveled for about 40 countries in 6 continents. I have traveled solo, with friends and family, strangers and … Read more

10 ultimate bucket list items for Fiji


I have visited Fiji only once and it was for a very short period of 4 days. As part of my first visit, I did the usual touristy things and missed out many things that I wanted to do. Ever since my last visit, I have been listing all the things I would like to … Read more

Travel with your fur baby in and around Bangalore

Willie at Kodi Lake

One cannot have a better travel buddy than their fur babies. Pets, especially dogs are wonderful to travel with and they definitely are a person’s (man and woman) best friend. Be it for emotional support or as a great travel companion, dogs can be anything and perfectly fit the bill. Willie, my cute and fur … Read more

Why do I hike?

Bloody Long Walk

‘Why do I hike?‘ is one of the common questions I get asked. Some of them around me is so inquisitive to understand why I love hiking and why do I do it so often. I have never mentioned this ever on my posts as I have always been scared to talk about my personal … Read more

Restaurants bucket list (Sydney)

4 Islands in Sydney

Sydney has so many food joints. There are new restaurants opening almost every day. Since it is a multicultural city, the city caters to food for all cuisines and for all budgets. I have been thinking of creating a bucket list for trying different cuisines at various restaurants in Sydney. I am aware that this … Read more

King Khan at Indian Film Festival

Shah Rukh Khan

My story of seeing King Khan at Indian Film Festival (IFF) 9 August 2019, Melbourne ‘Did I actually see him in person?’ ‘Or was I dreaming?’ ‘Really?’ I have all these questions today as I recollect last night’s event. It all seems so unreal and dreamy. Context Okay, let me give you a context. Last … Read more

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