Guide to visit Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Rotorua is home for many geothermal parks. A less famous one is the Waimangu Volcanic valley. It is the World’s youngest geothermal valley. The lakes are craters were created due to the Mt. Tarawera volcanic eruption.

It has some of the distinct and beautiful geothermal lakes. It is said that the volcano has erupted around 5 times in the last 18,000 years, with the latest eruption on 10 June 1886.

There are 3 options to visit this beautiful site. The booking can either be made online or at the visitor centre.

Option 1: Walk till the lake

  • Cost: NZD 40 per person

The walk is divided based on the bus stops along the way. There are 3 bus stops that can get you back at the visitor centre/cafe. The walks and their distances are as per below table:

Option 2: Lake Rotomahana Boat Cruise

  • Cost: NZD 45 per person

Option 3: Walk + Cruise

One can select to do a combination of walk and cruise.

Our experience

My friend Vijay and I opted for option 1 and walked the entire 4 kilometres.

Our most favourite geothermal lake was the Inferno Crater lake. The blue lake was extremely beautiful. It seems the lake fills and empties in every 39 days.

I definitely enjoyed visiting this valley. It was less crowded and had the spectacular colours which the geothermal lakes have. I would totally recommend a walk in this valley.



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