Backpack cartoon

What’s in my backpack?

Backpacks are very essential for all the travelers. Knowing the right things to pack in a backpack is very important. I have learned what and how to pack my backpack over the years of my travel. In this post, I have tried to list down all the things that I carry in my backpack.

  1. Go Pro and Camera – I carry all my cameras usually and hence they take up most of the space in my backpack.
  2. Travel journal – I love to document, sketch and draw in my journal.
  3. Head phones – This is a must as I usually travel by budgeted airlines and one of the tips is to download a few movies that can be seen on the flights.
  4. Soft copies of my documents:
    • Passport (in case of overseas travel).
    • Visa (in case of overseas travel).
    • Insurance certificate.
    • Flight, train and bus tickets.
    • Accommodation details.
    • Emergency numbers (written down).
  5. Cash, debit and credit cards.
  6. Inflatable travel pillow.
  7. Pen.
  8. Passport.
  9. Novel or a book to read.
  10. Pair of clothes with undergarments.
  11. Scarf (it does get very cold in the aeroplane).
  12. Mobile and the charger.
  13. Water bottle.
  14. Plastic bag.
  15. Sun glasses.
  16. Lip balm and moisturizer.
  17. Chocolate and some snacks.
  18. Plastic spoon or fork.
  19. Laptop (in case of overseas travel) with charger.
  20. Torch.
  21. First aid kit.