Scuba diving at Great Barrier Reef (Cairns)

Diving at Great Barrier Reef (Cairns)

Who would not want to dive in the Great Barrier Reef? That’s probably on every scuba diver’s bucket list visiting Australia. Similarly, I had diving in Great Barrier Reef in my list from the time I stepped my foot into Australia. It was a dream for me. PIN for later reference Please note: This post … Read more

Even nature believes in love – Heart Reef

The Heart Reef

The pilot of the sea plane announced, “We have the Heart Reef coming up in 100 meters”. My heart skipped a beat! Was this the moment I was waiting for? For this long? I am finally going to see the most beautiful and romantic reef in the World – Heart Reef! Since I am a travel addict, … Read more

Fiji has a history – History of Cannibalism!

Fiji Cannibalism

One afternoon during my lunch hour at work, my ex-colleague and I were walking around the Circular Quay in Sydney. He had mentioned about Fiji and how there were some software companies that had opportunities. “Where is this Fiji?“, I had asked him without knowing how beautiful and exotic location that country was. About Fiji Fiji, … Read more

Always remember the Sunscreen in Australia

Whitsundays Islands Heart Reef

I sat there watching the beach. ‘Oh, it’s so beautiful. No wonder, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the World‘, I thought. I was at White heaven beach, in the month of May. Whiteheaven beach is along the Whitsunday Island in Queensland of Australia. The beach is 7 kilometres long and is … Read more

My favourite wild animal encounters in India

Elephant - wild encounter at Kabini

Wild animal encounters I have always been a lover of wildlife. I have tried to visit the forests of India at least once during my holidays and vacations. Be it a tiger, or a peacock, I love them all. I have come face to face with some of the deadliest wild animals because of this … Read more

My misadventure in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland How to flood your apartment?

It was my first official abroad trip and that too, to one of the most beautiful countries in the World – Ireland. Wooohoooo! What else can I ask for? The view from the flight was breathtaking! Dublin was covered with beautiful thick cotton blanket known as clouds. Even after my 13 hours flight, I was energetic … Read more

RIM walk in Kings Canyon

The Kings Canyon

My story of Kings Canyon Tour Three days before the tour “Is it worth the amount I am spending?” I asked two of my colleagues. One of my colleagues answered, “I did not visit Kings Canyon when I visited Ayers Rock“. I wondered why, but chose to ignore it. The French colleague of mine in … Read more

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