Rafting on River Zanskar (Ladakh)

Sangam - Ladakh

Rafting on River Zanskar “Do you want to jump inside the water again?” asked my rafting instructor/ guide/ lead. My eyes lit up. I was excited. “What is the name of this river? The one we are rafting on?” I asked. “Zanskar“, he replied. “Let’s jump in Indus!” I screamed. He grinned and agreed. We … Read more

Guide to visit Thiksey monastery (Ladakh)

Thiksey monsatery

One of the most beautiful and memorable monasteries I visited in Ladakh is the Thiksey monastery. Even though, I had to get up really early, the visit to the monastery remains close to my heart because of the prayers we attended in the morning. For more pictures from Ladakh, read my post the picture perfect … Read more

The picture perfect Ladakh


I love everything about Ladakh! And its a no surprise as everyone loves it. The people, the culture and the breath taking landscapes, everything about the place is magical. The place provides an ample opportunity for photographs and any picture taken from any camera is picture perfect. These photographs definitely prove that there is no … Read more

Hike to Vaishnodevi temple (Jammu)

Vaishnodevi Katra

Zor se bolo Jai Mata Di One of my ex-colleagues visits Vaishnodevi every year. As soon as I heard she was planning that year, I immediately asked her if I could join her. I always wanted to visit Vaishnodevi as I had heard so much about it. We divided our planning, she took over the … Read more

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